Will Prentice

Perfect Portraits from Imperfect Subjects

Give almost any photographer an attractive model with perfect makeup and they will create beautiful images. But how do make great portraits of regular people? We don’t all have perfect skin, hair, eyes or teeth. Regular people don’t have an army of wardrobe and hair stylists. We don’t keep a Make Up Artist on retainer for the everyday. Our challenge as photographers is to make the ordinary extraordinary; to make the regular spectacular. We have to create images that not only show who our subject is and how they actually look, but we have to capture personality and build portraits that engage and help viewers connect.

This seminar is all about building the perfect portrait for any subject. You will learn how to build a pose for headshots to full length. You will learn how to create flattering light for different face and body shapes. How do you get great expressions and craft images that connect? That’s covered, too! Appropriate retouching and image management will be reviewed at the end to provide a complete workflow solution.

  • Will Prentice is a contributing writer to PHOTONews magazine, host of PHOTONewsTV on YouTube, owner of Captura Photography+Imaging and Brand Manager broncolor Canada. He was Photo Manager of a leading school photography company and trained hundreds of photographers to create award-winning portraits. His specialties are children and family photos, business headshots and commercial commissions. Will’s personal Instagram is filled with photos of his family and his cat and regularly features his cycling adventures.

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