Susie O’Connor MPA
How to Make Money with In Person Sales

Susie O’Connor
The Honest Bio: With 26 years working in and then owning our family photography business I didn’t enter into this field looking for a part time gig. I’m a small town Alberta girl that photographs just about anything that comes her way. Portraiture is my focus. Maternity, Weddings, High School Seniors, Boudoir, Families and Newborns, they all fall under the umbrella of what I shoot regularly. Photography is my full time job and affords me the ability to have a flexible schedule, travel often and indulge in life. This is only made possible by using the In Person Sales approach.
I’ve earned a number of accreditations from the esteemed group Professional Photographers of Canada. I was recently honored to receive my Master of Photographic Arts designation and I enjoy regularly entering PPOC image competitions to hone my skills and compete amongst other professionals in our industry. I’m humbled to be recognized provincially and nationally by my peers for the art I love to create.
That’s all good stuff but doesn’t amount to much if a person can’t run a business and support themselves. My goal is to give you the confidence to walk out the door and start selling profitable wall portraits and resist bottom barrel pricing, and burn out from giving away a USB of all your files. Let’s get this personal portrait art up on our clients’ walls.
“Every image tells a story.  I love what I do and I’m excited about the possibilities of telling stories through printed photography”

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