Sean Tokariuk

Sean Tokariuk is a young, motivated, and focused entrepreneur. Although he has multiple vocations that keep him occupied, it never seems to be too much for the Edmonton-born personal development enthusiast. Since he was a kid, he was always fascinated by computers and programs (not surprising being raised by two IT professionals). Never one to stay still (or focused on one subject matter) for very long, he has jumped between many different industries before settling in the Sales & Marketing space for the past few years. A mechanic by trade, Sean loves to take a look at things from the logical side and thrives on problem solving- constantly striving for perfecting systems and developing better business practices/methods.



Sean will be speaking on an entire social media usage overview (specifically Instagram) the extent of the content will depend on the amount of time but the general topics will be:

– How to effectively use social media for building a brand and establishing yourself as an expert in the industry.

– How to use your branding to attract new customers and clients.

– How to grow your Instagram following (both organic and paid strategies included)

– How to present your page in the proper manner to get the best results and remain in alignment with your branding.

Sean Tokariuk

Sr. Account Manager

Next-Gen Business Solutions


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