In 2012 while serving as the BC President of the PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS OF CANADA – I traveled around the province and found that the problem photographers were experiencing was universal.

Clients want digital files. Photographers have no idea how to value them.

I read, attended conferences looking for someone who was telling us how to do it.

There was no one.

The established pros were saying “don’t sell your files” but the emerging pros were doing it anyway.

You see, those established pros were relying on their traditional business model:

They would make money by charging a session fee and then profit by selling multiple copies of the same photograph created from that session.


The emerging pros were only selling digital files. And all of them, without any thought or strategy.

What was the issue?

You can only sell a file once. And if you don’t charge enough for it – you’re never going to build a sustainable business.

As a result, the entire industry has been struggling….

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