Julieanne Kost


Photoshop Wonders

Fresh from Adobe Max Julieanne will walk you through the incredible features of photoshop and how they can be crea<vely used in your images. With her wit and unparalleled knowledge of photoshop from the photographer’s perspec<ve you are about to receive a near overload of possibili<es and approaches. This will be a delighbul blend wonder and prac<cality all wrapped up in her gentle humour.

Julieanne is one of Fast Company’s “100 most crea<ve people in business” She is the Digital Imaging Evangelist Director at Adobe. Sharing original techniques and tutorials world-wide. Julieanne is known for unique approach to instruc<on infusing prac<cal <ps and tricks with equal amounts of humour and crea<vity. She holds the International Award for her
significant contributions to Professional Photography as an Art and a Science from the American Society of Photographers and was inducted to the Photoshop Hall of Fame by the National Association of Photoshop Professionals. Her awards, accolades and books are more than we can fit. She is just amazing.

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