Jules Sherred


With a keen eye and attention to detail along with the philosophy that food should evoke the trifecta of memory, emotion, and hunger in people, owner of POLARIS CREATIVE Jules Sherred is an unparalleled emerging talent in the field of food and lifestyle commercial photography.

Based in Duncan, BC, and with a background in psychology and marketing, Sherred works as a photographer and stylist, writer, journalist, and outspoken advocate for disability and trans rights. He is an official contributor to Getty Images, a staff writer for Fstoppers news site, an instructor for professional photographers looking to expand their skills and is an accredited food photographer with the Professional Photographers of Canada. He is also producing the art exhibit DISABILITY, CULTURE AND FOOD: AN EXHIBIT. He also created the website DISABLED KITCHEN AND GARDEN which will soon be a physical space as part of Island Health’s network of services, plus a cookbook that is in the agenting process.

Possessing a talent and creative eye only matched by his unwavering advocacy for the needs of marginalized communities, Jules Sherred is doing so much more than simply taking photos. He’s sharing the world through his eyes and letting his subjects, inanimate or not, tell their story.

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