2020 Presenter: Kelly Robitaille

Kelly Robitaille

Kelly Robitaille

Kelly Robitaille is a mom by day and a photographer, retoucher and artist by night. Living and working in Northern Ontario, Canada has taught Kelly the importance of being able to connect with an audience through first impressions. 

Kelly’s distinctive style coined “Surreal Retouching ”, focuses on creating an out of the box artistic experience utilizing storytelling, post production and photography. She uses her creative processes to help explore self expression, personal insight and a way to cope with a chaotic past. Although Kelly’s work is sometimes dark and melancholy, she finds it an essential element used to showcase the imperfections of life, the fragility of the mind, and the true beauty that lies within pure emotion. 

Kelly is an award winning photographer whose work has been featured at the Gallery At KelbyOne, Photoshop User Magazine, Maria Menunos’s Female Entrepreneur of the month, Shondaland, and as an instructor at Pro Edu. Her retouching can be seen in People Magazine, Billboard, The Hollywood Reporter, among many others. 

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