2020 Presenter: Katherine Calnan

Katherine Calnan

Katherine Calnan is an award winning published photographer and an Accredited Professional Photographer with the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC). Specializing in Portrait, Fashion, Commercial, Corporate Photography and she is based in Calgary, Alberta. She works with brands, multinational companies, families, individual professionals, actors/actresses as well as modelling agencies across Canada.

She has been recognized as a posing coach to new models helping them to develop their skill sets in front of the camera as well as sharing the ever sought after knowledge with those who wish to learn what models, photographers and the fashion industry know.

She is traditionally schooled at the University of Calgary with a double degree in Business in Finance and Economics. After many years in the oil and gas industry she transitioned into the world of photography after finding a pull towards the creative world.

She spent a large part of her life as a competitive figure skater. Katherine is also a black belt in Shotokan Karate and currently studying Jiu Jitsu for fun. Having always been athletic and conscious of body movement it has been an influence with the connection to posing.

Working with light and shadow is a major part of her craft and love for photography, along with incorporating elements of movement, elegance and feeling to her imagery. Her purpose with each photoshoot is to help her subject realize their beauty and inner worth and have them leaving knowing that it was always there.

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