2020 Presenter: Doreen Vanderhart

Doreen Vanderhart


Doreen Vanderhart is a graphic designer and marketing strategist who inspires and empowers you to create marketing that your customers will love, igniting real results for your business.

Her company, Knap Creative, is a boutique marketing agency based in Alberta, Canada. The team at Knap works with small businesses worldwide and specializes in teaching and implementing down-to-earth marketing. Doreen has been featured in Business to Community, The Rebel Boss Summit, Southern Alberta Women in Business, Honeybook, and The Rising Tide Society.

Doreen lives in Lethbridge, Alberta, where she is mom of three and a wife of one. She is a bookworm, podcast enthusiast, and a novice golfer. She escapes it all by retreating to the mountains to occasionally dip her toes into an icy lake and breathe in some fresh air.

She is thrilled (really, actually thrilled) to run through some of her favourite back pocket social media strategies so you can stop spinning your wheels and get traction in your marketing.

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