2020 Presenter: Cole Thompson

Cole Thompson Photography

Cole Thompson


Cole Thompson is uniquely unqualified to speak on photography.

“I’ve never taken a photography class or a workshop. I don’t have a degree in art. I’ve never worked as a photographer. I don’t have gallery representation. I’m not a Canon Explorer of Light. I have only three lenses and none of them are primes.

Do I have any qualifications?

Just one…my images. Nothing else matters.”

Presentation Description:

 Why Black and White?

In 75 minutes Cole Thompson will make the case that black and white is the perfect medium for any subject…except for one. Cole will show work from his various portfolios including:

The Ghosts of Auschwitz-Birkenau


Ceiling Lamps

Moai, Sitting for Portrait

The Lone Man

 And others

Interspersed between the images Cole will share his photographic philosophies, such as:

Never listen to others

Photographic Celibacy

Coles Rule of Thirds

Equipment is overrated

Vision is the most important tool in my toolbox

     And many others!

At the end of his presentation Cole will answer questions and give away a print of The Angel Gabriel

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