2020 Presenter: Andrew and Arlene Simpson

Andrew Simpson

As many photographers across Canada and the US know, my main theme whether speaking to a group or consulting one on one or for various companies in the industry
has always been my belief that:

“Those who are truly successful in the business of photography have developed the rare ability to create a formulated business system.

Yes, that’s my quote and what I firmly believe. Are there shifts in the industry today and do the principles apply?


Working in the photo industry for 50 Years (No! I don’t think like an old Fart). In 2004 there was a major shift in the industry, that I called the “digital wicked witch” Many established photographers failed to survive the learning cliff. I saw many photographers struggling and giving up on their dreams. Interesting I can name a few who have survived because they followed a system. If you are new, or seasoned in this industry,  guess what  – these are new times.

We have a major shift once again! Are you surviving?

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