Sunday October 27th

Early Riser-  7:30-8:45 AM,
Stage 1 NAIT room X105:

Chris TT Thombs CD MPA

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Chris Thombs
Chris ‘TT’ Thombs

Growing up I became fascinated with photography with my dad being a visual story teller, and with the ever present Ansco camera which was part of our family life, that told our stories. This motivated me to learn the craft with working on yearbook committees, camera club, seeking out learning opportunities, and going on adventures to fuel my love of photography. While in the military I had the privilege of being the Lead Camera Flyer as part of the Canadian Forces Parachute Team, The SkyHawks. This was a unique experience creating media travelling at 120 mph after leaving an aircraft at 15,000 feet with only 60 seconds of working time to “get the shot”. My photographic skills were also used for other specialized tasks on terra firma through out my career in service. Upon retirement in 2009 from the regular Army I went on to become a full-time working photographer in the commercial field as a “problem solver”. Since then I have had a wide variety of clients to keep work interesting and exciting. The best thing and what makes me proud of my choice of calling even more then getting awards as a photographer is to see the work I create used in national campaigns, and clients being excited to share the work I have done for them. I am proud to be selected as an instructor for 2018 Light Matters, and I am looking forward to sharing my passion and knowledge.

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