Scott Robert Lim is an international award winning, master photographer, Sony Artisan and certified educator with over 70 international major awards to his name including; 2009 Kodak Award, Top 10 Most Influential in by Shutter Magazine and recently published as one of 10 World’s Best Wedding Photographers. His highly popular Creative Live workshops viewed by hundreds of thousands and has contributed to his worldwide popularity. He is a lighting savant, inventor, mentor, life coach and instructor to thousands of photographers worldwide. Scott’s images have been published in international books and magazines viewed by millions. He is popular international speaker with an upbeat, charismatic and inspirational style.

Sunday October 29, 2017


Composition- a revolutionary way to create masterful environmental portraits


Hands on composition practice and coaching


5 Must Do’s Action Points

Noon – 1:00 pm      Lunch

1-5 pm

Lighting in your Environment

  • ​​How to create amazing light​
  • Soft/Hard Light Techniques when to use and not to use​
  • Natural Light Techniques
  • ​How to Make flash look natural in your environment ​​
  • ​Gel Technique​s
  • ​ND Filter vs. High Speed Sync​

MONDAY WORKSHOP –  October 30  – Additional FEE

9am to 5pm

​How To Light Any Time Any Where

  • Bright Ugly Light solutions
  • Best Techniques for overcast/flat light
  • Indoor Lighting
  • Night Lighting

Hands on Practice of Techniques

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