OCTOBER 19-21, 2018

Edmonton, Alberta

Once again this year, PPOC Alberta is putting on a free convention for it’s membership by presenting international speakers in Edmonton.
This will be taking place on 19-21 Oct 2018, at the Edmonton Inn, 11834 Kingsway Ave, Edmonton, AB T5G 3J5.

Our annual conference has grown in size and scope as we have now partnered with the McBain Tradeshow. As well as hosting multiple internationally renowned speakers, Sunday will feature the major brands and service providers showing off their products.

Get your tickets here now, as numbers are limited.




Asher Svidensky

Saturday October 20th

Stage A – PM 13:00-16:00  Photographer’s Journey

Sunday October 21st

Stage A – PM 13:00-16:00 The Leap into Photo Projects

My name is Asher Svidensky. I’m a freelance photographer specializing in art and documentary photography with a strong passion for mixing the two styles with storytelling.
My career began whilst I was conscripted into the military back in 2009 (2009-2012). There I was fortunate enough to be able to serve as a photographer. After completing my military service, I picked up a bag, a camera, and followed my dream to be a documentary photographer. Since then my body of work has been published in magazines and newspapers around the world, including the BBC (TV, radio and website), National Geographic (Literature and Magazine), The Guardian (UK), GEO (Germany & France), AD (Netherlands) and many more.
I’ve also had the privilege to do lectures about my work in venues such as Oxford’s Natural History Museum (UK) and MGM Hotel (Macau), as well as giving two different TEDx talks on the topics of photography and the art of storytelling.
About the lectures
Here are some of the bullet points of some of the core topics I will integrate into to my lectures
  • How to better match your work to your subject in documentary photography
  • How to make a photo essay and tell a story that generate interests in today’s highly competitive market
  • My story – how my career started and turn international overnight
  • Rough lessons from my own personal experience as someone who never studied professionally and build his career solely from just taking the risk and going out there
  • Starting out on your own: Finding your own style and inspiration in photography through self awareness
  • How to integrate knowledge in different photography fields such as commercial photography into documentary work
  • Don’t wait for the assignment train – why you shouldn’t inspire to work for a magazine
© Asher Svidensky.

Clinton Lofthouse

Saturday October 20th

Stage B – AM 9:00-12:00  Clinton Lofthouse (Portraits and Promotions)



Clinton Lofthouse is an award-winning Photographer, Digital Artist  and Educator who resides in the UK. He specializes in composite imagery and creative retouching. With a unique vision and photographic style that smacks with attitude, he combines cinematic reality with comic book fantasy.

Published in numerous magazines, both online and in print, locally and internationally. Each image is created with a true artists passion, meticulously crafted in Photoshop using high-end photo post-production and digital art techniques.




Renee Robyn

Saturday October 20th

Stage B – 1:00-4:00 PM
 Remixing Reality


Renee Robyn Photography

Canadian born and raised, Renee is a former model turned photographer who has developed an ethereal style, combining fact and fiction. Merging together expertly shot photographs with hours of meticulous retouching in Photoshop, her images are easily recognizable and distinctly her own. She travels full time, shooting for clients and teaching workshops around the world.

Renee Robyn Photography

Melissa Welsh

Saturday October 20th

 Stage A – AM 9:00-12:00, Melissa Welsh,  Pixel Cents


In 2012 while serving as the BC President of the PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS OF CANADA – I traveled around the province and found that the problem photographers were experiencing was universal.

Clients want digital files. Photographers have no idea how to value them.

I read, attended conferences looking for someone who was telling us how to do it.

There was no one.

The established pros were saying “don’t sell your files” but the emerging pros were doing it anyway.

You see, those established pros were relying on their traditional business model:

They would make money by charging a session fee and then profit by selling multiple copies of the same photograph created from that session.


The emerging pros were only selling digital files. And all of them, without any thought or strategy.

What was the issue?

You can only sell a file once. And if you don’t charge enough for it – you’re never going to build a sustainable business.

As a result, the entire industry has been struggling….

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